Sudan: Referendum and Implications
Sudan: Referendum and Implications  

February 1, 2011  

In the days to come, the world will come to learn whether the Republic of Sudan – Africa’s and the Arab world’s largest... 

Le Kazakhstan et le Nobel de la Paix  

December 13, 2010  

Le 8 octobre, le Comité Nobel de la Paix a fait savoir sa décision de remettre l’un des prix les plus prestigieux de... 

The Era of Carbon Conditionality  

November 22, 2010  

  A new wave of aid and trade conditionality has arrived. In the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, the West conditioned its support... 

Global Migration, Global Response  

November 9, 2010  

One of the great paradoxes of our globalized times is that, while the movement and migration of peoples is hyper-international... 

Elephant and Dragon  

October 1, 2010  

It is understandable and predictable that Asia’s two giants – India and China – should be gearing up for a showdown... 

Mandela and South Africa
Mandela and South Africa  

August 4, 2010  

In a 2009 interview with GB, Louise Arbour, former UN Human Rights Commissioner and current President and CEO of the International... 

Nordkivu – Forgotten War  

July 12, 2010  

President Joseph Kabila – the son of the murdered former President, Laurent-Désiré Kabila – recently celebrated the... 

Canada: Diversifying, Getting Closer  

May 14, 2010  

There is considerable scholarly writing on the loss of American centrality in world affairs – the end of hegemony and the... 

Korea – Extending working lives  

April 29, 2010  

Extending the number of years that workers remain employed is a policy objective of governments in many Western developed... 

Sochi and Northwest Caucasus – II  

April 12, 2010  

Last week, we introduced the Northwest Caucasus, a strategically important region of Russia, and surveyed its three provinces... 

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