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Hooray for the UN

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Hooray for the UN

Two days ago we commemorated Remembrance Day, taking time to remember the heroism, sacrifices and horrors of war. It seems appropriate that today I consider the UN, an organization created to prevent war and promote universal human rights and freedoms. So let me set out my top 10 reasons for recognizing the UN.

10. The UN keeps prime real estate in New York out of the hands of Donald Trump.

9. The UN enables a lot of people to get into the United States who otherwise would be banned (for good reasons), and provides despots with great photo ops which they can use in their next “democratic” election campaigns.

8. The UN has given Maurice Strong a global stage, from Stockholm to Rio to Baghdad and beyond. (By the way, where is Maurice hiding these days?)

7. The UN employs tens of thousands of people who otherwise might not be employable in any civil society.

6. The UN offers a precise definition of hypocrisy. Look up hypocrisy in a dictionary and you should see a picture of the UN building.

5. A lot of business and first class seats are filled by UN officials and their posses, thus helping to keep many major airlines around the world afloat.

4. The annual bailouts of the UN reduce the amounts of money available for corporate bailouts.

3. The UN provides business schools with an excellent case study of a dysfunctional and dreadfully managed organization.

2. The UN makes organized crime and Wall Street look respectable and well run.

1. The UN shows that idealism can rot!

When juxtaposed against Remembrance Day, we must seriously ask whether there is any hope for the UN. Perhaps, the U.S. should evict the UN and turn over the property in New York to the Donald.


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