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AS Award #12

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AS Award #12

The U.S. Congress is the latest winner of my award. Both the Senate and the House have produced pieces of healthcare legislation which are both in excess of 2,000 pages. (Do the bible, the Torah and the Koran have 2,000 pages combined?)

This is not reform. This is insanity!

Other than a handful of lawyers, has anyone else read through the entire proposed pieces of legislation? And the lawyers who have read through the entire documents, most likely at someone else’s expense, have done so to find ways for their clients to profit, and there will be many ways from them to do so.

The final compromise might be closer to 3,000 pages. When President Obama signs off on the new legislation, will he actually know what he is signing? For sure, he will not have read more than a minute fraction of the bill. As for his advisors, even if one does read the entire act, it is unlikely that this person will truly understand what is contained in the act. No one really will. It will take many court cases to begin to figure it out.

When lawyers draw up contracts and laws, they succeed in making them ambiguous and subject to countless differences of opinion. Litigation abounds over the meaning of words.

The final healthcare bill will not be reform but policy-making run amok. It will epitomize everything that is wrong with the current U.S. system of government.

For creating a behemoth which will re-write the law on unintended consequences, I congratulate the U.S. Congress.


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