Political Rhetoric, Present and Future
Political Rhetoric, Present and Future  

June 27, 2011  

GB discusses the global state of the art of speech-giving, speech-making and agitprop with public intellectual John Ralston... 

L’Afghanistan et Obama  

December 15, 2009  

Quand Barack Obama s’est vu dĂ©cerner le Nobel de la paix, la scĂšne n’était pas sans rappeler le cĂ©lĂšbre paradoxe... 

Global Oil Demand by 2015
Global Oil Demand by 2015  

November 1, 2009  

On oil’s collapse and the Middle East’s plunge into irrelevance - maybe If the Middle East did not sit on half of the... 

Revisiting Obama’s Peace Prize  

October 28, 2009  

It has been a few weeks since President Obama was selected to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Since then, three rationales... 

Magnanimity in our time - I  

October 13, 2009  

Magnanimous: nobly generous; not petty in feelings or conduct; from the Latin magnus great + animus soul (The Canadian Oxford... 

Le Honduras et l’ouragan politique  

July 12, 2009  

Comme on pouvait s’attendre, les Ă©vĂ©nements rĂ©cents au Honduras ont suscitĂ© une avalanche de commentaires dans la presse... 

Revenge of the World
Revenge of the World  

May 13, 2009  

Can Obama’s ‘new’ foreign policy make a difference? As a candidate for the White House, Barack Obama promised to...