Political Rhetoric, Present and Future
Political Rhetoric, Present and Future  

June 27, 2011  

GB discusses the global state of the art of speech-giving, speech-making and agitprop with public intellectual John Ralston... 

L’Afghanistan et Obama  

December 15, 2009  

Quand Barack Obama s’est vu décerner le Nobel de la paix, la scène n’était pas sans rappeler le célèbre paradoxe... 

Global Oil Demand by 2015
Global Oil Demand by 2015  

November 1, 2009  

On oil’s collapse and the Middle East’s plunge into irrelevance - maybe If the Middle East did not sit on half of the... 

Revisiting Obama’s Peace Prize  

October 28, 2009  

It has been a few weeks since President Obama was selected to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Since then, three rationales... 

Magnanimity in our time - I  

October 13, 2009  

Magnanimous: nobly generous; not petty in feelings or conduct; from the Latin magnus great + animus soul (The Canadian Oxford... 

Le Honduras et l’ouragan politique  

July 12, 2009  

Comme on pouvait s’attendre, les événements récents au Honduras ont suscité une avalanche de commentaires dans la presse... 

Revenge of the World
Revenge of the World  

May 13, 2009  

Can Obama’s ‘new’ foreign policy make a difference? As a candidate for the White House, Barack Obama promised to...