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AS Award #3

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AS Award #3

Saudi Arabia is demanding compensation from wealthy countries that implement measures to reduce their oil consumption to tackle global warming.

Do I really need to say anything about this absurdly silly proposal?

What’s next, drug dealers asking for compensation when stricter enforcement sharply reduces the imports of drugs? (Oops, aren’t we doing something along these lines in Afghanistan?)

How about bankers, who are expected to take pay cuts in order to prevent the next financial disaster, asking for side payments? Why not — aren’t they as deserving as the Saudis? It’s costly to operate a private jet, or maintain multiple homes.

Why not compensate thieves, who have been caught and convicted, for their lost income while in jail?

For showing us the way, congratulations to Saudi Arabia for being the third recipient of the prestigious AS Award! (Perhaps, my readers might want to create an endowment so that I could award monetary prizes to the distinguished winners of my award. It appears as if Saudi Arabia could use the money.)


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