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About the Book: In this seminal book, Irvin Studin, the world’s leading voice in sounding the alarm on the education and childhood catastrophe of the Covid-19 pandemic, explains the genesis, scope and vast consequences of the historic school closures of 2020-2022 – “the largest simultaneous policy and administrative move in human history.” Studin makes the case that the school closures were not only a colossal mistake of strategy, policy and adult duty – one that will bleed into every nook and cranny of state and society in the coming decades – but that they give humanity the central post-pandemic lesson for the balance of the 21st century: never close the schools again, ever. Studin explains what must be done urgently to fix this mistake, and how to ensure it never happens again. Ever.

Pre-order your copy now

Price is $29.99 + HST. Purchase your book now, and receive it by mid-June.

Preferred eBook format

Irvin Studin is President of The Institute for 21st Century Questions, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher of Global Brief Magazine, and Chair of the Worldwide Commission to Educate All Kids (Post-Pandemic). He lives in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada with his wife Alla and their children, Noah, Gabriella and Isaiah.


“Irvin Studin’s book is the product of his exemplary analysis and foresight during the initial stages of Covid-19. He uses his nuanced understanding of public policy and student engagement to examine the catastrophic impact that school closures during the pandemic had on youth in Canada and around the world – and therefore for the future of the planet. His vision and leadership attracted leading educators, health professionals, politicians and academics across Canada and the globe, who joined him on the Worldwide Commission to Educate All Kids (Post- Pandemic). In his quest to Never Close Schools Again, Studin book offers energy, sparking public discourse and practical action for years to come.”

Dr. Kirby Mitchell, High School Teacher, Peel District School Board (Canada)

“Irvin Studin’s leadership on the devastating consequences of pandemic-related policies that closed schools and kept them closed worldwide, has been singular and extraordinary. This book reflects that leadership and the insights of more than three years of effort to document, communicate and apply what could be learned from school closures. Studin describes leaders’ lack of imagination, knowledge and commitment, resulting in a global, generational loss of human capital.”

Robert Pianta, past Dean, School of Education, University of Virginia (USA)

“Irvin Studin’s persuasive book appeals to the moral imperative never ever to shut schools even in a catastrophe, as it is unjust and unforgivable. Studin lays bare the immense harm done to children around the world through the unprecedented closure of schools worldwide during the Covid-19 lockdowns. He highlights the plight of millions of ‘third bucket kids’ who were neither in school nor had online schooling, leading to loss of learning, damaging their confidence, instilling fear and anxiety, and making them feel incompetent from within. His new book is essential reading for educators and political leaders who care about children and their evolving capacities.”

Shantha Sinha, former Chair, National Commission for the Protection of Child Rights (India)

“With the catastrophic impact that school closures during the pandemic have had on children globally, the least we can do is ensure that the facts are presented, the lessons learned are documented, and such a devastating scenario is never played out again. Never Close the Schools Again. Ever. is the clearest message that could be sent to all world leaders, educators and policy-makers by the Chairman of the Worldwide Commission to Educate All Kids (Post-Pandemic).”

Canute Fagan, Dean of Discipline, Calabar High School (Jamaica)