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Christine Maydossian

Christine Maydossian is a Junior Editor with Global Brief. She is a Toronto native with nearly a decade of experience in public and international affairs across Canada and internationally. She served as Policy Advisor and Council Liaison to the late Mayor Rob Ford and as Senior Advisor, Policy and Communications to former Conservative Cabinet Minister and Chief Government Whip John Duncan.

She is the Director of Government Relations at Leliken Relations conseils based in Montreal. Previously, she served as an advisor at the International Economic Forum of the Americas (IEFA), where she consulted on policy matters affecting the world, in areas such as finance, innovation, infrastructure, and trade. She acted as the lead on a number of government initiatives promoting economic development and was co-architect of the Canadian Expat Summit, a historic project in collaboration with the Ontario Government that brought global expat leaders back to Canada on a strategic business platform.

She holds a BA (Hons) in Political Science from Glendon College, York University and a bilingual Master’s degree in Public and International Affairs from the same institution, part of which she completed at Sciences Po Paris. She served as a diplomatic trainee at the Mission of Canada to the European Union in Brussels and at the Mission of Armenia to the United Nations in New York City.

Christine has worked on political campaigns at all levels of government across Canada: in Ontario, Québec, and British Columbia. She is fully trilingual in English, French, and Armenian.