Magazine Advisory Council

Members of the Advisory Council serve on the Council in their private capacity, and not as representatives of their affiliated organization(s) or institution(s). Views expressed by the Council members do not necessarily reflect the views of their respective organizations or institutions.

Sam Mizrahi - Chair and CEO, Mizrahi Developments (Toronto)
André Beaulieu - Vice President, Corporate Strategy, Bell Canada (Montréal)
Tim Coates - Executive Director, 21inc. (Fredericton)
David Dewitt - Associate Vice-President, Research, Social Sciences & Humanities, York University (Toronto)
Paul Evans - Professor, University of British Columbia (Vancouver)
Drew Fagan - Deputy Minister of Tourism, Government of Ontario (Toronto)
Daniel P. Fata - Vice President, The Cohen Group (Washington, D.C.)
Margaret MacMillan - Warden, St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford (Oxford)