WikiLeaks – Much Ado about Nothing

November 28, 2010     
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No real surprises so far

The current round of information provided by WikiLleaks has produced little of consequence in its first round. Observers are said to be ‘shocked’ to find out that American officials may be spying on the UN. Where is the surprise? The USA is a major power with an extensive intelligence collection capability. And the UN Headquarters is in New York. It would be shocking if it was found that the USA (and many countires) were not spying on the UN and each other at the same time.

The second major ‘revelation’ is that senior leaders from Arab powers have been encouraging the United States to bomb Iran. Again, this will not be a shock to regional observers. Most Arab leaders (Sunni) are frustrated and angry at the rise of Iranian influence (Persian and Shia) and want desperately to see the rise of Iranian power stemmed. In many countries (read Saudi Arabia, Bahrain etc) a restive Shia minority exists which may well enjoy the rise of Iranian power. By a trick of nature (or perhaps Allah has a sense of humour) most of the oil in the predominantly Sunni country of Saudi Arabia rests under the region where the Shia reside.

The primary fallout from the WikiLeaks will be embarrassment. Diplomatic gossip about the personal views of various state leaders will not look good on the front pages of newspapers around the world. However, finding and reporting this sort of information has been the stock-in-trade function of modern diplomacy at least since it was founded in the age of the Venetian States and probably well before that. Despite denials to the contrary, one exact role of diplomats is to find and report information on the opposition and on allies. In circles that are less polite than those of the diplomats, this is known as spying.

Nothing new here. Move along.

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