Roméo Dallaire

Roméo Dallaire

RomĂ©o Dallaire was Force Commander of the UN Assistance Mission for Rwanda in 1993-1994, which led to the book Shake Hands with the Devil: The Failure of Humanity in Rwanda. He is a Canadian senator. His latest book is They Fight Like Soldiers; They Die Like Children – The Global Quest to Eradicate the Use of Child Soldiers.

RomĂ©o Dallaire, sĂ©nateur canadien, a commandĂ© la mission onusienne au Rwanda en 1994. Son expĂ©rience est relatĂ©e dans son livre J’ai serrĂ© la main du diable. Son plus rĂ©cent livre est intitulĂ© Ils se battent comme des soldats, ils meurent comme des enfants.

Moving towards an African Solution to Protect Children

April 27th 2016
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Nota bene: This piece was co-authored with Dr. Shelly Whitman, the Executive Director of the Child Soldiers Initiative. Extreme violence against children affected by armed conflict is not only a humanitarian issue, but also a security concern with lasting implications. As children are forced into conflict, they become part of... 

To End the Use of Child Soldiers Look to the Security Sector

November 8th 2014
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Nota bene: This piece was co-authored with Dr. Shelly Whitman, the Executive Director of the Child Soldiers Initiative. While new wars bear a frightening multitude of distinct characteristics, there is perhaps no more grotesque hallmark of 21st Century conflict than the growing involvement of children in political violence... 

The Very Real Prospect of Genocide in Burma

March 24th 2014
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These are troubled times, for everywhere we turn it seems another crisis is erupting or escalating. The Central African Republic (CAR) has descended into lawlessness and chaos, with ghastly violence raging on between Christians and Muslims. South Sudan’s ceasefire exists only on paper, as clashes continue in areas such as Upper... 

Beyond Assad’s Chemical Weapons

September 13th 2013
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President Obama’s televised address this week set forth the path ahead for dealing with Syria. The US, Russia and others will try to hammer out a deal to turn the Syrian government’s chemical weapons over to international authorities for disassembly and destruction. But disagreement over deadlines and enforcement mechanisms,... 

The Problem with the Response to the Syrian Crisis

May 28th 2013
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The Slaughter in Syria blights the international community’s legitimacy for responding to mass atrocities in the 21st Century. It demonstrates that we are still far from looking at international relations from the perspective of human security, and that in spite of the language of human rights and mass atrocity prevention some...