John W. McArthur

John W. McArthur

John W. McArthur is the CEO of Millennium Promise. In this capacity, he oversees the Millennium Villages project, supporting integrated social and business development for more than 400,000 people across rural Africa. He is a Research Associate at the Earth Institute at Columbia University and faculty member at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs. He previously co-chaired the International Commission on Education for Sustainable Development Practice and served as Deputy Director and Manager of the UN Millennium Project.

A New Approach to Global Problem-Solving

July 20th 2009
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Last week’s G8 Summit underscored the extent to which leaders around the world are straining to manage a flood of concurrent crises. Amidst the news flashes from Kabul, Pyongyang and Tehran, the global undertow of economic, social and environment challenges is equally if not more profound. The economic crisis is pushing unemployment... 

Some New Educational Initiatives Around the World

July 1st 2009

Two events yesterday prompted me to feel encouraged about progress in the education of future socially minded leaders around the world.  One was the privilege of having dinner with Fred Swaniker, co-founder of the African Leadership Academy, and two extremely impressive students from its first class.  The other was the announcement... 

How Much Progress in Africa?

June 13th 2009

Recent public debates have refocused public attention on Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic development over the past few decades. Many pundits are driving this with rhetoric suggesting there has been a long-term decline in living standards throughout Africa. But the facts show that this is simply not the case. Even though Africa... 

Is Canada Doing “Its Part and More”?

May 24th 2009

This week Canadian Development Minister Beverley Oda made a policy speech outlining Canada’s renewed emphasis on improving the quality of its foreign aid dollars. A focus on efficacy is commendable and important, since taxpayer dollars should of course be subject to strict scrutiny in advancing key development objectives in the... 

Clarifying Two Central Questions in Foreign Aid

May 19th 2009
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Spurred by a fragile global economic psyche and some controversial recent writings, foreign aid has entered a new cycle of scrutiny in recent months. This is not altogether surprising in light of widespread market malaise and the tendency of many to turn inward during times of crisis. But it is nonetheless risk-ridden at a time when...