A New Vision & Strategy Tank for the 21st Century
A New Vision & Strategy Tank for the 21st Century  

March 15, 2015  

We are pleased to announce that the Institute for 21st Century Questions, or 21CQ, has been launched. We are in some sense... 

Watch for the launch of 21CQ
Watch for the launch of 21CQ  

September 8, 2014  

Watch for the launch of the Institute for 21st Century Questions this fall. More details to follow.  Read More →

Congratulations to Ran Hu of Daegu  

November 6, 2013  

Congratulations to Ran (Raymond) Hu of Daegu, South Korea, winner of GB’s Global Young Geo-Blogger Competition. Ran will... 

Concours pour GĂ©o-Blogueurs  

March 18, 2013  

Dans le cadre de son mandat visant Ă  promouvoir les meilleurs jeunes analystes et penseurs en affaires internationales,... 

GB Global Geo-Blogger Competition  

February 27, 2013  

Consistent with its mandate of providing a platform for some of the world’s leading and most eclectic analysts and thinkers... 

Iran – Neighbourhood and Future
Iran – Neighbourhood and Future  

November 17, 2011  

GB sits down with Stanford’s Abbas Milani to discuss Iran: from Tehran and Bushehr to the Diaspora GB Where do you see... 

On International Criminal Justice
On International Criminal Justice  

September 9, 2011  

GB discusses all things international criminal justice – from the prosecution of the Khmer Rouge leadership in Cambodia... 

Italy and the Maghreb Exodus  

May 11, 2011  

Just months ago, if experts, politicians and local administrators grappling with the migration influx from North Africa to... 

Tunisia and Democratic Transition  

March 9, 2011  

As the ripple effects of the Tunisian revolution continue to be felt in the region, it is important to zero in on the main... 

L’eau en Asie centrale  

February 25, 2011  

Selon le dernier rapport du Programme mondial des Nations Unies pour l’Ă©valuation des ressources en eau (WWAP), publiĂ©... 

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