Can the Middle East Be Fixed?
Can the Middle East Be Fixed?  

November 7, 2014  

Yes. Amid the chaos and bloodshed, there may be a historic opportunity History tells us that regional cataclysms can galvanize... 

Cracks in the Persian Puzzle
Cracks in the Persian Puzzle  

September 8, 2013  

There is nothing exceptional or sui generis about the Iran-US rivalry and current impasse. A window may have opened. It should... 

A New Security Order for the Middle East
A New Security Order for the Middle East  

October 4, 2012  

The only region in the world without a security framework must at long last set about the task of creating one The Middle... 

Sudan: Referendum and Implications  

February 1, 2011  

In the days to come, the world will come to learn whether the Republic of Sudan – Africa’s and the Arab world’s largest... 

Mandela and South Africa  

August 4, 2010  

In a 2009 interview with GB, Louise Arbour, former UN Human Rights Commissioner and current President and CEO of the International... 

On the Iranian Diaspora
On the Iranian Diaspora  

November 1, 2009  

Iran is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. But what of the over three million Iranians outside Iran?   There... 

Iran: Remembering the 1953 Coup  

September 4, 2009  

August 19th marked the 56th anniversary of the Anglo-American-orchestrated coup d’état of 1953 that deposed Prime Minister... 

Iran, the ICC & the Nuclear Knot  

June 29, 2009  

Today, the Iran question has two critically important facets. The first is the domestic political situation in Iran, precipitated...