Revisiting Obama’s Peace Prize  

October 28, 2009  

It has been a few weeks since President Obama was selected to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Since then, three rationales... 

Magnanimity in our time - II  

October 26, 2009  

The Sri Lankan government’s ‘magnanimity deficit’ (see my article of October 13th for Global Brief) in the aftermath... 

Euro Defence Spending and NATO  

October 20, 2009  

This week, NATO defence ministers are meeting in Bratislava for their thrice-annual regular meeting. Topping the agenda will... 

On States, Strategy and Strategic States
On States, Strategy and Strategic States  

October 19, 2009  

Top Geocrat Fareed Zakaria speaks with GB on States, Strategy and Strategic States Q Which country has the deepest and... 

Magnanimity in our time - I  

October 13, 2009  

Magnanimous: nobly generous; not petty in feelings or conduct; from the Latin magnus great + animus soul (The Canadian Oxford... 

IsraĂ«l-Palestine : aller vite  

October 5, 2009  

L’accord israĂ©lo-palestinien nĂ©gociĂ© Ă  Oslo en 1993 a suscitĂ© Ă  l’époque de grands espoirs qui ont Ă©tĂ© ensuite...